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Runaway Train (Soul Asylum)


"It seems no one can help me now
I'm in too deep
There's no way out
This time I have really led myself astray
Runaway train never going back
Wrong way on a one way track
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
Somehow I'm neither here no there"

The Song

"Runaway Train" is a song by the Minneapolis rock band Soul Asylum. The song led Soul Asylum to international status, and helped bring their album, Grave Dancers Union, to a multi-platinum level. It won a Grammy Award for the best rock song in 1994. "Runaway Train" continues to receive a lot of airplay on the radio today, with disc jockeys often making mention of the influential music video that accompanied the song.

The Music Video

 There are two versions of the music video, one for the United Kingdom and one for the United States: The video for the United States begins with a fade to a black screen with big, white blocked text reading: "There are over one million youth lost on the streets of America", whereas the UK version begins with the same text, except it ends with "lost on the streets of Britain". The video contains scenes of a man abusing his wife, who later in the video searches for young girls in his car. 
During the choruses, pictures of missing children would appear on the screen. After each picture was shown, their full name would appear in large capital letters on the screen, along with the year they had been "missing since...".
The video continues with scenes of a lady in a car stalking a younger mother and her baby, in a stroller, and near the end of the video as the mother stops to look at some clothes, the lady kidnaps the baby. After the lady takes off in the car and the mother runs down the street after her, a baby shown as "missing" ends the video.
The video was very successful in reuniting many of the missing children with their families. Some of the children even saw themselves in the video and returned home.
The original UK version showed musician Dave Pirner saying in front of the camera: "If you've seen one these kids, or you are one of them, please call this number," with the following screen showing a number one could contact. MTV cut this part out because they did not want to have the video confused with being a public service announcement.

The band

Soul Asylum is an American alternative rock band that formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1983.
The band grew out of a local band, Loud Fast Rules, that formed in 1981 with Dan Murphy, Dave Pirner, Karl Mueller and Pat Morley. Morley was later replaced by Grant Young in 1984. In 1992, Soul Asylum released the double-platinum album Grave Dancers Union, featuring their Grammy Award-winning single "Runaway Train". 
Mueller was diagnosed with cancer in 2004, causing the band to organize a benefit concert on his behalf, and passed away a year later.

My Point of View

There are millions of missing children all over the world. Some of the ones who are found are no longer alive. Some return to their families but not to the best of conditions. Some are being forced back into a bad home situation where they have to live with drunken fathers or drug addicts who beat them.  
Sometimes it is hard to say which situation is better: whether to be missing and live on the streets or to go back to an old story of illtreatment and child abuse.